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Valentine's lingerie

Valentijns lingerie
Valentine's Day ... Opinions are divided, some people like it and some think it's a commercial event.
Even if you don't like it, it is a nice excuse to give each other extra attention that day, to tell how much you care about each other and to make the evening more special than any other day.
For example, you can surprise your partner with new, red lingerie, because red remains the color of love. Scientific research by Elliot & Niesta has shown that red makes people more sexually attractive. Red is the color that has the most impact on people. Red is the color of blood, life and warmth. Red is the color of the heart and therefore also the color of love.
It has to be red lingerie, think of this one for example:
Denver stringbody
This is really a super beautiful body that accentuates your feminine curves with straps at your waist. With a thong to give your partner an extra nice view when you parade around in this beautiful body.
Evangelina - floral lace body
A combination of red, black and flower pattern, how romantic do you want it ?!
Also a beautiful body with straps around the waist, beautifully finished with red lace and ribbons at the front. Perfect for Valentine and any other day ...
Jessica nipple covers with bow
Or give yourself as a gift to your partner with these cute nipple covers. Red and with a bow to make you feel like the best gift ever.
Combine it with a red thong or slip and wait for your partner in bed, I'm curious about the reaction;)

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