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3 Tips voor op Internationale Vrouwendag 2021

3 Tips for International Women's Day 2021

In this blog, you can read how to celebrate International Women's Day in the bedroom on 8 March.
7 geweldige dingen die gebeuren als je regelmatig  orgasmes hebt

7 Amazing Things That Happen When You Have Orgasms Regularly

Orgasms are amazing. And the benefits of orgasms are insane: not only can they help you sleep better, orgasms can also boost your immunity, Promote bone health and purify your skin - and those are just a few of the benefits .. .
6 vragen om jezelf te stellen voordat je een nieuwe vibrator koopt

6 questions to ask yourself before buying a new vibrator

It doesn't matter if you buy your very first vibrator or if you want to add something new to your (already extensive) collection. Before you just buy a new vibrator, think about it and take some considerations ...
Valentijns lingerie

Valentine's lingerie

Valentine's Day ... Even if you don't like it, it's a nice excuse to give each other extra attention that day and to make the evening more special. then make another day ...
Lingerie Voor In De Slaapkamer, en Daarbuiten!

Lingerie For In The Bedroom, And Beyond!

Lingerie only for the bedroom? Certainly not! If you look closely, you can find plenty of things...
Voor Elke Relatie Periode Een Ander Setje

A Different Set for Each Relationship Period

A different set for each stadium. In this blog we give you tips on how to do that!