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Our story

In 1972 the company was founded by Johan Luising and was called Male and Female paradise, it was a real Amsterdam erotic shop. Later in 2007 the sex shop was taken over by Angela Achterberg-Luising and Walter Achterberg. Meanwhile, the third generation, daughter Kaylee and son Damian, are also involved with the same passion in this authentic and skilled Amsterdam sex shop.

Before Angela and Walter took over the stores, the business had been in the hands of Angela Luising, Angela, for over 35 years. A name that still evokes many happy memories among fellow entrepreneurs, suppliers and customers in the Amsterdam Red Light District.

Over the years, the look & amp; feel of Pure Lust further developed into an Amsterdam attraction in the field of erotic shops. All four stores in Amsterdam have a cozy and trendy atmosphere with their own theme. The staff are knowledgeable, professional and customer-friendly. Would you like real-life personal and expert advice? We are happy to help you make your fantasy a reality.