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Lingerie For In The Bedroom, And Beyond!

Lingerie Voor In De Slaapkamer, en Daarbuiten!

Lingerie only for the bedroom? Certainly not! If you look closely, you can find plenty of things that you can also combine with a nice skirt or pants.

In the clothing stores you can recently find more and more lingerie-like tops that look great with a nice skirt or pants. Think of tops with a lace edge, tops combined with mesh or fishnet.
You can also buy clothes from the fetish world in the city, such as leather pants or leggings and leather jackets for over a top.
If clothing is sold that looks like lingerie, you can also buy lingerie that you can wear as clothing, right ?! Go for long sleeves to avoid looking trashy, go for the ultimate sexy!

Here are my top 5 lingerie that you can wear for a night out but also in the bedroom. Combine it with a (tube) skirt of leather or regular fabric or nice pants or jeans.

1. Taylor - Black body with adjustable neckline (€ 34.99)

This body is one of my favorite bodies to wear as a top because it has the perfect combination of see-through and covered fabric.
Super sexy are the mesh details show just enough skin without looking trashy.
And ooh la la that neckline! With brackets you can decide for yourself how sexy you make it, do you want more or less cleavage? You decide it yourself, or see how the evening goes, open one parenthesis every hour;).

The Taylor body has long sleeves so you can also wear it in the fall and winter. You can combine this body with everything, not only with black, but also think burgundy red, army green and mustard yellow.

Taylor- Black body with adjustable neckline

2. Tessa - Black Bodysuit with lace neckline (€ 24.99)

This body is also very nice to wear as a top. Super sexy, made entirely of lace and beautiful details.

With long, flaired sleeves that make it just that little bit different. And can we talk about the dizzying cleavage, beware of the wandering eyes of your conversation partner because it is difficult not to fall in love with this!
Wear a plunge bra underneath so that you do not see it, but you can see the beautiful cleavage and support. Nice to combine with a high waisted skirt or trousers.

3. Vanessa - Black bodysuit with long sleeves (€ 17.50)

Another topper that you can wear as lingerie or as clothing. Very nice price if you have to watch your budget and can be used for multiple occasions.

It looks like a very covering body, but the sheer fabric makes it absolutely sexy. The high neckline and long sleeves do not make you feel naked but show just enough to get someone's attention.
Made of stretchy fabric that molds to your body to suit all body types. Wear it with a simple black bra and nice pants or skirt.

4. Juniper - Lace and translucent body ($ 49.99)

This body is also super romantic for the warmer days. The combination of mesh and lace gives it a playful effect. Made of good quality, the shape will remain beautiful for a long time, even after a few times to wear. Super sexy with a black skirt and heels and you're ready!

Optionally, you can add a bra underneath or a bra that you stick to your skin for extra coverage. Or when you wear it as lingerie, without a bra, but with a pair of heels and possibly hold up stockings for an extra wow effect.

5. Hazel - lurex string body with rhinestones (€ 39.99)

A perfect body for a night of clubbing, Christmas or New Year's Eve. The body shines and sparkles towards you and makes you the radiant center of the evening. Made of super stretchy material so adapts to your curves.

Combine it for example with ripped jeans or nice with a pair of jeans for a festival.

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