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A Different Set for Each Relationship Period

Voor Elke Relatie Periode Een Ander Setje

In which stages are you with your partner? Are you looking for suitable lingerie for this? In this blog, we provide 6 tips for every relationship stage!

Lingerie comes in all shapes, colors and sizes and can be worn for different occasions. To confidently reveal yourself in a package, you have to feel comfortable with the other person. This feeling will be different the first time you start being intimate with each other than if you have been in a relationship for some time.
Even though lingerie suits look alike, you can create a different effect with different styles. Ultimately, it's about feeling like the sexy woman you are and being able to wear whatever you want.

Our recommendations for 3 different stages of your relationship.

1. The first time

It's really exciting and fun when you're dating someone and you already feel it coming, it won't be long before you end up in bed together.
But what do you on earth do you wear? You feel most confident in a super sexy new set, but you may not want to give up everything right away.
For example, you can put on a body like the Aliyah black halter body , this one is very sexy due to the sheer lace and will fit nicely with a perfect fit. Or go for a cheerful pink set like the Elle 2-piece set . This is a very playful set, which is slightly more covering but still sexy due to the lace.

2. The adventurous period

If you have known each other for a while, have been intimate with each other before and feel super comfortable, it is nice to experiment with different lingerie.
Think for example of a nice dress like the Maria mini dress , this dress is super sexy and will amaze your partner. Or a beautiful bodystocking like the Kaylee , mega sexy and exciting!

3. The steady relationship

If you are in a committed relationship and you already know each other through and through, you may want to revive your sex life at some point.
Little concealing but oh so beautiful, the Lexi 2 piece lingerie set . This one is classy yet very exciting, and is sure to seduce your partner. Or go for the whole shebang in the Ivy 4-piece set and buy nice stockings to top it all off.

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