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7 Amazing Things That Happen When You Have Orgasms Regularly

7 geweldige dingen die gebeuren als je regelmatig  orgasmes hebt

Orgasms are great. Whether you come through a electronic friend ( shout out to my favorite vibrator!) Or a human friend, they always make for a good time and are good for you too. Nothing says "complete and total bliss" like an orgasm. Even if they aren't exactly amazing, they are still absolutely fantastic. And the benefits of orgasms are insane: Not only can they help you sleep better, orgasms can also boost your immunity, promote bone health, and clear your skin - and those are just a few of the benefits.

So orgasms are extremely good for you, inside and out, so it's justified to want as many of them as possible. No matter how you get your orgasm or how often you get it, you can always step things up a bit - and your body will thank you for it. Here are some of the fun things that start to happen when you enjoy those big finishes on a regular basis.

1. You will sleep much better

While there are a lucky few who sleep like a baby every night, getting a good night's sleep is sometimes difficult for others. A good, intense orgasm can be a real game changer in that department. Better sleep is one of the biggest health benefits of sex.

When you come, your body experiences a wonderful flow of multiple feel good hormones. Such as: prolactin, vasopressin and oxytocin. The kick of the hormone prolactin after sex helps you fall asleep faster, and the oxytocin and vasopressin released by orgasms help you sleep better. Better sleep over time leads to better health, improved productivity and an increased sense of well-being. Very good for you!

2. Orgasms provide many beauty benefits, and keep breakouts at bay

Have you ever noticed how very sexually active people have this glow about them? It's not just your imagination. Having regular and frequent orgasms comes with some very striking benefits to your beauty.

For starters, the oxytocin (a hormone that accompanies pleasure) helps control the effects of stress, including blemishes and other skin problems. Because orgasms release oxytocin and lower cortisol, you are less likely to have a breakout or a rash if you have regular orgasms over time.

There are also some direct skin benefits from the Big O . Orgasms give you radiant skin by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to your face. Sex and orgasm also help improve circulation, especially if you come regularly for a longer period of time. In addition to other benefits, you may also notice that your hair and nails are stronger, grow faster and look healthier.

3. Orgasms can boost confidence

Having an orgasm can really help you feel better about your body. Because if we focus on how much pleasure our body can give us, we can learn to associate our body with pleasure.

Whether you're doing it with someone else or not, the level of sexual satisfaction that comes with a regular orgasm is a huge confidence boost. Getting to know your body, learning what it likes and discovering new ways to feel the pleasure greatly promotes body positivity. And while it's nice to occasionally hand over control to your partner wearing , knowing how to give yourself an orgasm on demand just feels powerful.

Getting to know your body at this level will also make you a better lover. Pleasure seekers who know what they want in bed and what it takes to get them to their peak can pass that information on to a partner, leading to better sex for both people.

4. You get sick much less often

Good sex is one of the best (and most fun) ways to boost your immune system and keep it strong all the time. It is excellent for building strong bones, healing faster after an injury and much more.

Again, we can thank the hormones released for this. Studies have shown that regular orgasms - even just a few times a week - can boost your immune system by up to 20 percent.

Of course, great sex means having orgasms, and hopefully there are many. But remember, you don't need a partner to reap the benefits of orgasms. A nice solo session with your favorite sex toy (or even your own two hands) does the job just as well, so go ahead .

5. Orgasms relieve pain (including cramps)

Sexual stimulation and orgasm release your body's natural painkillers. Not only does oxytocin make you feel happy, it can help relieve pain from headaches to arthritis. And they also relieve menstrual cramps (a reason to give periodsex anyway). The more orgasms you have, the more likely you are to experience pain relief. No amount of aspirin can soothe your pain like an orgasm!

6. Orgasms make you look younger

Aren't we all looking for the fountain of eternal youth? YES! But a much more fun (and cheaper) way to look younger is to have regular orgasms. According to a 10-year study, those who have an orgasm look at least seven years younger than they actually are. Since orgasms help keep your blood pressure low, they slow down the aging process. They also increase your estrogen levels, which increases collagen, making your skin look youthful. In addition, improving your sleep reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

7. Your relationship will become stronger

Orgasms can help us maintain relationships with our partners. Having regular and good sex is one of the most wonderful ways to improve our relationships - and having good relationships is associated with better wellbeing in general.

The act of sharing something so intimate with another person, combined with the amount of feel good hormones your body releases, helps you bond with your partner. Couples who know how to please each other in bed stay together longer!

Great sex goes hand in hand with benefits such as solid communication skills, enhanced creativity and a well-developed sense of adventure. The more good feelings you associate with your relationship, the stronger the two of you will be as a couple, and orgasms can help you do that.

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