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3 Tips for International Women's Day 2021

3 Tips voor op Internationale Vrouwendag 2021

March 8th is International Women's Day! What does this day actually mean? All over the world, this day is dedicated to the militancy and sense of solidarity of women. At the beginning of the last century, women stood up for their rights and that is why International Women's Day is a celebrated day. At Pure Lust, women and sexuality are of paramount importance. In this blog you can read 3 tips you can do to celebrate International Women's Day in the bedroom.

Tip 1: Multiple orgasms

This day is all about you and about enjoying your own body. How do you best spoil yourself? With orgasms of course! You can ask your partner if he pampers you extra on this day. But of course you can also do it yourself. You can do that by using your hands, but you may want to take your orgasm to a new level. You won't believe it, but Pure Lust has put the best of both worlds into one toy to stimulate multiple orgasms. The Suction & amp; Vibration Toy has a vibration and a suction effect. For € 64.99 you give yourself the pampering you deserve.

Tip 2: Bring out the inner powerwoman

Every woman is a real powerwoman on the inside. It is therefore the day to show this on International Women's Day. This is best with a sexy lingerie set! Show what kind of powerful woman you are with the set called Lindsey: a 2-piece set with lace. The neckline and lace around the breasts ensure that you overwhelm your partner with the power of the feminine beauty. For only € 12.50 you bring out the inner powerwoman.

Tip 3: Give yourself a moment

We women are constantly on the go. Our brain is working overtime and you can worry about everything. On International Women's Day it is important that you think about yourself. After all, this day is all about you. Many women in our team at Pure Lust like to have a moment with themselves. This is accompanied by a toy that provides a realistic experience. That is why Pure Lust developed the Rabbit Vibrator. It is not just any vibrator: it has a heating position. At the push of a button, the Rabbit Vibrator heats up to a realistic temperature for a more realistic experience. In addition, the toy is slightly curved and has stimulating ridges for the vagina and clitoris. Check out the Rabbit Vibrator .


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