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Walter and Angela’s first entrepreneurial adventure started at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 135 in 2007. This shop (called DVD paradise) belonged to Johan Luisin (Angela's father), which she inherited after his death. This store mainly sold DVDs and some toys, and was mainly aimed at male customers.
Angela and Walter immediately knew she wanted to change this. She converted the shop into an attractive, accessible, woman-friendly pearl of the red light district.
Pure Lust was born!
After 5 years (in 2012) they opened the second store on the same canal at number 173. After it had been running for just six months, it burned out completely with New Year's Eve. They rebuilt the store with family and friends and the Pure Lust team more beautiful than it already was.
Angela and Walter's latest acquisition came in 2019 at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 117. Diagonally opposite the well-known Cassa Rosso. This was a big dream come true, to be in this prime location of the ramparts.
In 9 years of Pure Lust, Angela and Walter have developed a beautiful vision and have brought eroticism to a more accessible level.
They also came up with the idea to give each shop a theme to distinguish it from the other erotic shops around them. And so The Leopard, The Pink and The Garden stores were born.
That same year the kids, Kaylee and Damian joined the company.
The 3 rd generation!
And so the whole Achterberg family runs 3 beautiful pearls in Amsterdam!