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Ultimate Desire Board Game

Ultimate Desire takes you on a voyage of discovery on vacation, where enjoyment is central. On the basis of questions and assignments, you and your partner discover what you really like. The game starts with tender, romantic assignments, then turns into more intimate assignments and then ends up with fiery assignments, where everything is allowed and nothing is mandatory. Playfully barriers are broken and you come closer to each other. The game is disarming, thrilling, direct and daring, hilarious at times but never without respect. In this game nothing is mandatory and everything can be done according to your own preference.

Before actually playing the game, each player expresses his or her ultimate desire. This can be a long-cherished erotic wish or just a nice breakfast in bed. The winner sees his or her ultimate desire come true and the partner may fulfill this wish. So basically this game has no losers.

In short: The game is an absolute must for all people who want to have and keep their sexual relationship playful, intimate and challenging.
Language: Dutch