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Sex o Chess - Game

Are you in the mood for an exciting erotic game with your partner? Do you like to play chess or do you want to learn how to play? Then Sex-o-Chess is the game for you!

Sex-o-Chess is an exciting and sexy variant of regular chess that combines chess with eroticism. How? By extending the rules of the regular chess game with erotic surprises! In chess, exciting rewards are given to the person who makes certain moves at certain times. Small rewards with big consequences, with the arousal - and the temperature - increasing with every sexy act. Can you focus on your next move? Make sure to stay focused because when you checkmate your partner, a very erotic reward is waiting for you! Who's the game for: Sex-o-Chess is suitable for anyone over 18, even if you can't play chess. You can even learn to play 'real' chess by playing Sex-o-Chess. After playing this game, you are guaranteed to love chess.
Objective of the game: Checkmate your partner and receive an erotic reward!

- Chessboard
- Chess pieces
- Game manual
- Thermostrips
- Hourglass