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Pure Lust - Kegel Balls (78 Grams) - Purple

Train your pelvic floor muscles even stronger with these Pure Lust weighted vaginal balls. Inserting these balls into the vagina will train and strengthen your muscles.
These balls will help tighten your vagina and make your sex life even better. Your partner will certainly be able to enjoy this too.

Because the muscles tighten, your orgasms will become more intense.
The constantly rotating balls give a wonderfully stimulating and massaging feeling.

The balls of 78 grams are suitable for women who already have cone have used balls or for women who have stronger pelvic floor muscles.

Made of silky soft silicone and completely seamless, making it easy to insert and hygienic to clean. You get the best result in combination with a toy cleaner.

Pure lust attaches great importance to selling high-quality products, if your toy does break down, you can visit one of our stores within 2 years of purchase or contact us for a replacement.

The cone balls are packed in a handmade satin toy bag, so not packed in cardboard for less impact on the environment.

For an extra pleasant experience, order Pure Lust water-based lubricant .

- Material: Silicone
- Waterproof: Yes
- Weight: 78 grams
- Warranty: 2 years after purchase