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Aloe Vera - After Sex Gel 50ml

We have had many conversations with women of various ages about their physical experiences after intimate penetration. Many of them had a burning and / or painful feeling at the entrance to the vagina. Especially after a somewhat longer lovemaking, when using a condom or when things were going a bit tougher, this was experienced as very annoying. These irritations can happen because you were not moist enough, so that the vaginal wall does not provide enough blood flow. The skin at the opening of the vagina is then easily irritated by the "rubbing" of the penis.
But even if you use a good lubricant you can still have a burning pain after sex and that is why our nourishing AFTER SEX GEL with ALOE VERA can certainly have a soothing, relieving and "healing" effect.

An absolute must! Just like taking care of your face when it is irritated or dried out, this is no different. Pamper yourself and take good care of yourself…. If you are hypersensitive, you can also use this gel with aloe vera as a lubricant. Contains no odor or taste. The handy "Press & amp; Play 'pump keeps your bottle clean.

All Happy Diva Lubricants are dermatologically and clinically tested.

Instructions for use: use and repeat as many times as you want. Keep cool and dark. Use within 12 months of opening.