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"Do whatever you want to me" - Suction & Vibration Toy

This hands-free, beautifully designed, small and innovative toy helps you prepare your body for new and very pleasurable sexual experiences! "
Not only do users enjoy increasing blood flow to the clitoris, but this tight toy also promotes vaginal pleasure, becoming your best friend for foreplay and beyond.

The cup with 2 "tongues" and several seductive miniature hairs, fits perfectly over the clitoris, creating a gentle suction that stimulates blood flow and the sensitivity in the clitoral region to achieve the most intense orgasms ever.

The 2 super powerful motors deliver breathtaking vibrations to the clitoris and give a gentle suction at a staggering 8,000 rpm. You can switch between 4 suction positions and 10 speeds, which provide the ultimate variety and flexibility.

Number of engines 2
Revolutions 8000 RPM
Speeds 10
Noise level 60 dB
Rechargeable Yes
Charging time 120 min
Charged battery life 60 min
Water resistant Yes
Splash proof Yes
Flatate free Yes
Materials Silicone, ABS